When you look around you, do you see people that do things better than you? Are more productive? Handle stress better? Manage teams effectively?

What questions should you ask to extract their excellence and be able to do it on your own?

How can you model your own excellence? How can you build the bridge between what you know and what you do?

In our everyday lives, we are all leaders who develop leaders, some of the time. Leadership is influencing others and getting the best out of them. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are leaders of our own lives, families, a group of friends, and at work. The stronger the leader, the stronger the future leaders will be.

To be one step ahead and to deliver successful projects in our everyday life we need to work in a team, to connect and influence others. We all have our areas where we excel, what would happen if we could transfer the skills and learnings from successful situations to other situations? How would be if we could model our own excellence or the excellence in others?

In our session will discuss how we can build the bridge between what we know and what we do by modelling our own excellence and the excellence in others.  There are different leadership styles, it’s not that one is better than another. Some styles are not appropriate to some situations. It is important to know when it is appropriate and when do we need to be flexible enough to do things differently.

We do this by exploring an NLP tool called The Logical Levels introduced by Robert Dilts.


Gabi and Alex are really passionate and professional about helping me to become who I am today. They offer coaching sessions for individuals who want to unfold their true potential and for that I am really glad that I made the choice earlier this year to approach them.
I would recommend them to everyone of you, for me the journey to become someone I have always wanted to be took off with Epifor. Thank you.

Chen Sii

“I have Gaby as my coach and I made some incredible progress since I started this collaboration. I really recommend her as a coach because she is using her skills to guide you in your journey. And what I really appreciate is she continues to grow and to develop her coaching skills.

I am also part of mastermind group promoted by EPIFOR and I can tell you that you fight your fears and limited beliefs away. If you seek to be part of something bigger than you to help you grow, you must be part of at least one of EPIFOR’s programs.”

Madalina Ghinescu – Entrepreneur

“I would like to publicly thank both Alexandru and Gabriela for the opportunity they have given me, to attend their Webinar “Know Yourself Grow Yourself”. The level of professionalism exceeded my expectations. They showed up on each and every single of the 15 sessions and it was a journey during which I have learnt and applied a lot but most important I had the chance to meet really interested people. Thank you so much!!”

Georgios Grigorakis - Information Technology Business Partner