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How much time do you spend every day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Netflix? Do you spend more than 2 minutes? If you are like me, I assume, yes. What do you think would happen if you spent 2 minutes per day doing something that would help you? What would be the impact?

2 minutes, it’s less than brushing your teeth, it’s less than making coffee in the morning, it seems to be nothing, but it has a huge impact when you use them consistently.

Almost 2 years ago I was listening to a book “Intentional Leaving” by John C. Maxwell while I was cleaning the house, I got an idea from the book: to do a small thing every day for 1 year. I took the challenge and in October 2017 I started to write every evening for 2 minutes in a notebook for my husband: “I appreciate you today because….”. He didn’t have a clue about it.

The result of writing for 2 minutes every evening for 1 year was astonishing. After 1 year our relationship went to another level: trust and understanding each other increased, the way we communicate and find solutions increased and we spend more time together. This small habit done for 1 year changed our lives and it didn’t take more than 2 minutes per day.

The concept of the 2-Minute Rule is presented in the book “Atomic Habits” , chapter 13. James Clear says about this rule: “Even when you know you should start small, it’s easy to start too big. When you dream about making a change, excitement inevitable takes over and you end up trying to do too much to soon. The most effective way I know to counteract this tendency is to use the 2-Minute Rule which states, when you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.”

When you start doing something new, after 2 minutes you will see no difference. I didn’t see any difference after the first month, but I kept doing it. After 3 months I noticed a shift in my attitude which determined a change in my husband’s attitude. After a year I gave him the notebook and now he reads it every day to set his attitude for the day.

If it was to change a habit in your life or to bring a new one, what would that be? Start today and do it consistently for just 2 minutes every day, not more and see the difference after 1 year …. 2 years. Would it be worth investing just 2 minutes? If the answer is YES, start today!